Elite Eight - 4th Round , NCAA Tournament Game - March 27, 2010
The dream of playing in the Final Four came to an end on Saturday when K-State came up short in their game against Butler losing 63 - 56. The old bug-a-boo of poor field goal shooting plagued the Wildcats all game.

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Sweet Sixteen - 3rd Round , NCAA Tournament Game - March 25, 2010
After a very hard fought victory over BYU in the second round of the tournament K-State was on their way to a Sweet Sixteen game against Xavier. Lest you forget, top tournament seed, KU got bounced in the second round. How sweet it is.

Tonight's game was set up as a grudge match by Xavier, as K-State easily handled them earlier in the season. A grudge match it was. The Cats ran up a huge early lead in the first ten minutes only see it lost and be down by one at the half. The Cats, however, came back in the second half, leading most of the game. However, the leads were not enough as twice Xavier tied the game, first in the closing seconds of regulation time and then the first overtime. Jacob Pullen, as he has done all year, came through scoring big in the second overtime and K-State finally prevailed 101-96. It was not just Pullen, it was a total team and coaching effort. Many people nationally are calling it one of the best NCAA tournament games ever!

With the game shown on Ricky's 18-foot high definintion screen, the K-State fans at Ricky's were going crazy with the heart stopping action. Now on to the EliteEight and Butler University.

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1st Round, NCAA Tournament Game - March 18, 2010
The first game of the tournament for K-State was played on Thursday at noon. As such Ricky's was very quiet except for the several CaliforniaCats, K-State fans who were treated to a blowout win over North Texas. Going into the game NTU was bravely talking upset but those thoughts evaporated quickly. We were all asking how far can this team really go in the tournament. Time will tell.

Big XII Championship Game (Men) - March 13, 2010
The Cats tried but fell to the Jayhawks for the third time this year on Saturday in the Big XII Championship game - 72-64. With some rest I look forward to K-State having some big games in the NCAA tournament.

K-State played hard but fell victim to poor shooting once again. Credit has to be given to KU as they played another very good game in their victory - they are not overrated. What was particularly interesting was that almost every time that KU drove to the basket and a whistle (foul) was called it occurred before their was any contact and sometimes no contact. A wee bit agressive calls. 

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Kansas Watch Wrap (Men) - March 3, 2010
The CaliforniaCats had a very nice group at Ricky’s for this mid-week Watch Party showdown return match with KU. Unfortunately the game did not live up to the pre-game hype, at least for Kansas State. The Cats got down early and fought there way back ultimately tying the game five minutes into the second half. Then the shooting woes that plagued the K-State in the Missouri game descended and the Cats went without a field goal for over eight minutes. As they say in tennis “game, set, match” and K-State could not recover ultimately losing.


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Missouri Watch Wrap (Men) - February 27, 2010
The Missouri Tigers travelled to Manhattan Saturday evening to take on #5/#6 Kansas State to try and record their second victory of the year over the Wildcats. For most of the first half it seemed their goal might be realized as K-State missed 19 straight field goal attempts and ended up shooting only 18% in the first half. As strange as it was the Cats were still in the game and ultimately ending the half tied at 23. The twenty CaliforniaCats at Ricky’s were not too discouraged, however, as there was no way the miserable shooting could continue or would it? No fear. K-State has been dominate in the second half during the month of February and Saturday was no exception as they came roaring out of the locker room and led by approximately 10 points most of the half, finally prevailing 63-53.

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Colorado Watch Wrap (Men) - February 13, 2010
Number 9 Kansas State continues to roll, racking up there fourth 20 win season in a row. The Cats came out strong on the boards, but struggled with scoring points in the first half leading by only two, 28-26. The second half was a different story as the inside game came to life along with numerous Colorado turnovers. K-State outscored Colorado in the second half 40-25 for a final score of 68-51.

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Kansas Watch Wrap (Men) - January 30, 2010
Twenty CaliforniaCats met for the first basketball watch party in three years and were treated to a tremendous basketball game.
K-State basketball is back, which is attested by a recent top ten ranking and the defeat of #1 Texas last week. The Cats and K-State fans in sold out Bramlage Coliseum, the Octagon of Doom, almost pulled off another big victory before losing to #2 Kansas 81-79 in overtime. It was a terrific basketball game if ultimately disappointing due to the loss. Prior to the game ESPN's GameDay crew broadcast from the floor of Bramlage. Over 8,000 fans were in attendance having a good time for the early morning 10:00AM show. The 8,000 fans broke the game day record for fan attendance at for ESPN's GameDay show.

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