Texas Bowl Watch Party - December 28, 2016
The Texas Bowl did not disappoint the K-Staters at Rickey's or anywhere for that matter as the Wildcats defeated the Aggies of Texas A&M 33-28 in a terrific football game. Though the Cats came out on top the game was not locked up until the final two minutes. In contrast to earlier games this season the passing game was exceptional as was the Quarterback Jesse Ertz running and game management.

At halftime in front of twenty-one K-State fans, Howard Woo, winner of this year's SnyderCats contest was presented with his prize of a Backpack Cooler. Other prizes won included a CaliforniaCats sweatshirt, polo shirt, tee-shirt and sunglasses.

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TCU Watch Party - December 3, 2016
The Cats headed to Texas once again with the goal of defeating TCU in Fort Worth and a sweep of all the Texas schools this year. K-State's goals were met as the Cats defeated TCU 30-6 on a rainy day. Besides the rain it must have been very cold as the stadium was more than half empty.

Once again K-State was dominant rushing, not with Alex Barnes as he was injured, but with Justin Silmon who did a Barnes look alike with 133 rushing yards and Jesse Ertz who ran for 170 yards. He passed for 159 with most of the damage in the second half. The defense also played another strong game holding the Horn Frogs to two field goals.

Besides a happy team, K-Staters at Ricky’s and Richmond Republic were ecstatic with the game and win.


Kansas Watch Party - November 26, 2016
K-State held on to defeat Kansas Saturday in a game of two halves. The Cats dominated the Jayhawks in the first half. The second half was a different story as quarterback Jesse Ertz and running back Alex Barnes were injured in the first series resulting in a mashup of lineups the rest of the game. In relief, Joe Hubener and Alex Dalton played well at quarterback as did Dalvin Warmack running the ball in their brief appearances. The Jayhawks quarterback Carter Stanley will be a force to contend with the next three years. Final score - K-State wins 34-19 and Coach Bill Snyder attained his 200th coaching victory.


Baylor Watch Party - November 19, 2016
K-State travelled to Waco, Texas to take on the Baylor Bears where they have not won since K-State travelled to Waco, Texas to take on the Baylor Bears where they have not won since 2002. Today’s game was not more of the same. The Cats were energized on defense and pressured Baylor quarterback seemingly play after play. In addition, their passes were errant and into K-State hands three times. With the way the defense play it seemed as though the Cats should win the game, but at half time K-States offense had been snoozing with the team losing 14-7. In the second half, to the delight of K-Staters everywhere, the Cats started to run the ball with Alex Barnes who had a tremendous third quarter with three touchdowns while adding another in the fourth quarter as K-State ran away with the game in a 42-21 victory and bowl eligibility for the seventh year in a row. The Cats blowing second half leads is hopefully a thing of the past. 

Ricky’s was hopping and K-State had the jumbo 18-foot screen once again even though there were probably 150 Montana-Montana State fans in attendance cheering on their teams. Likewise at Richmond Republic we had our core attendees. Richmond Republic is hosted by by Mike Rieger.

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Oklahoma State Watch Party - November 5, 2016
The twenty-second ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys visited Manhattan to take on the Wildcats hoping to break a long losing streak in Manhattan.Both teams had periods of great and less than great play. It was an exciting, exhilarating and with four seconds left a disappointing loss for K-Staters everywhere as OSU held on for a 43-37 victory. The Cats came out strong and were undone by a few plays and calls that resulted in the loss. The running game was the strongest it has been in years.


Iowa State Watch Parties - October 29, 2016
Another typical Iowa State-Kansas State football game that ran to the final minute to determine the winner. After a great first half and a sleepy fourth quarter the Cats held on to win 31-26. At least the team played three good quarters. Quarterback Jesse Ertz played well and ran the ball very good gaining over 100 yards rushing. K-Staters at Ricky’s and Richmond Republic were on 'pins and needles' until the final minute of the game.


Texas Watch Parties - October 22, 2016
Yup. K-State owns Texas by beating them for the fifth time in a row and a 8-1 record going back to 2002 in Manhattan. It was a terrific, exciting, tense game throughout. The Cats began the game by scoring on a multi-minute gobbling drive and were never behind the rest of the game. Quarterback Jesse Ertz played very good using both his arm and legs to lead the team in scoring three touchdowns. The running game was very good as well as the receivers holding on to the ball in contrast to recent games. The defense also came out on fire and played a dominating game holding down the high scoring Longhorns in a 24-21 victory.

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Oklahoma Watch Parties - October 15, 2016
The Cats journeyed to play the OU Sooners on Saturday intending to win their third game in a row in Norman. Alas, OU's offense played very well and K-State's defense missed tackle after tackle, which greatly contributed to a 38-17 loss and a lot of sad fans at Ricky's and Richmond Republic watch parties.


Texas Tech Watch Party - October 8, 2016
Texas Tech strolled into Manhattan with one of the most prolific, if not the best college football stats this year averaging over 50 points per game. K-State’s offense has been sputtering this year and after the time management debacle in Morgantown it was interesting to see how the Cats would respond. Both teams traded punches in the first half, but K-State's defense stood tall in the second giving up a field goal and a late touchdown. Ultimately the Cats held on and won 44-38.

We had a nice showing Saturday afternoon of Cat fans at Richmond Republic Draught House in San Francisco


West Virginia Watch Parties - October 1, 2016
West Virginia did everything possible to lose the game (interception, missed field goal, fumble etc.) only to defeat the Wildcats because of very questioning play calls by the Cats and less than stellar play from the quarterback. Time after time the K-State had to call a time out as plays were not called in time. The Cats had the game in hand and had chances to put the game away in the first half, but flat blew it because of questionable play calls. This loss rests squarely on the coaching staff. As you can imagine our Watch Party fans were not happy.

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Missouri State - September 24, 2016Rains pelted and lightning was striking in Manhattan on Saturday resulting in the kick-off being set back an hour. The delay did not affect the Cats as they came out playing great defense and offense following up on last week's performance. The running game looks big time as does the defense in general as the Cats won 35-0 in the game that was called at the half due to lightning nearby strikes.

Florida Atlantic Watch Parties - September 17, 2016
After a tough loss at Stanford the Cats enjoyed playing before their home fans as they totally dismantled the Florida Atlantic Owls, 63-7. The defense came to play once again putting the game away in the first quarter with fumbl take aways and interception. The offense, specifically the running game, also came alive as the Cats rolled up 336 yards rushing. The special teams unit was not going to be out shadowed as they also got into the action with a 75-yard punt return by Dominique Heath for a touchdown. A very good day to be a Wildcat and Wildcat fan.

In Watch Party news we had K-State fans at both Ricky's in San Leandro and Richmond Republic in San Francisco who enjoyed the camaraderie of cheering on their beloved Wildcats.


Stanford Game & Watch Party - September 2, 2016
K-State, which is fielding virtually a Junior Varsity team because of their youth, gave the #8 Stanford Cardinal all they could handle before losing 26-13. The Cats came out sluggish in the first half on both sides of the ball, but the defense adjusted at half time and totally outplayed Stanford in the second except for one play late in the game. K-State might have actually won if the Big XII officiating crew would have called three obvious interference end zone pass plays. Quarterback Jesse Ertz played solid if not spectacular, but had to come out of the game to be replaced by Joe Hubener who continued his errant passing from last year with an interception on his first pass. Ertz came back in the game in the fourth quarter leading the team to a touchdown. If Stanford is a top ten team then the next several years for K-State looks very promising.

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