Liberty Bowl Watch Party - January 2, 2016
An up and down season concluded on a down note for the K-State Wildcats as the Cats lost to the Arkansas Razorback 45-23 in Memphis. The Cats scored early in the game to take a lead, but the huuuuge Razorbacks were too much for K-State. Arkansas' line outweighed K-State's by an average of over 55 pounds. They have the beefiest line in all of college football and the pros. The Cats kept the score close until the fourth quarter when the Razorback's took charge. Wide Receiver Kody Smith started the game as quarterback and threw some nice long passes but the receivers did not catch the ball. We had a very good showing of fans at Ricky's with twenty K-Stater's cheering on the team.

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West Virginia Watch Party - December 5, 2015
Improbable as it it might have been six weeks ago following a six game losing streak, K-State ended the regular season on a three game winning streak that boosted the Cats to the Liberty Bowl. A tough West Virginia team came to dry, but wind swept Bill Snyder stadium, looking to complete their season with a 8-4 record. K-State was not going to have any of that as huge plays led by Morgan Burns and Kody Cook turned the tide with the Cats winning 24-23. Julie Deppish and Jim Siefkin hosted th watch party as I was at the game.

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Kansas Watch Party - November 28, 2015
The Wildcats visited frigid and wet Lawrence on Saturday to take on the hapless and winless Jayhawks. K-State left town with a 45-14 victory to retain the Governor's Cup for the seventh straight year. Quarterback Joe Hubener was able to enjoy the big lead by handing over the game to back-ups Kody Cook and Zac Davidson. The CaliforniaCats came out strong at Ricky's for our biggest attendance of the year. Three tee-shirts and a K-State logo lunch bag were distributed as prizes.

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Iowa State Watch Party - November 21, 2015
Iowa State came to Manhattan hoping to put the big hurt on K-State like so many other teams this year and did taking a huge 35-14 lead at halftime. K-State has come back big in the past to beat the Cyclones. Could this team pull off another miracle? Unlikely, but K-State did just that stunning Iowa State late, winning 38-35. The defense had another dreadful first half and great second half. The story of this game is not to give up even when it seems hopeless. At the end of the day the Cats had to perform in the clutch and they did, but turnovers by the Cyclones lost the game for them more than the Cats beating Iowa State.

Texas Tech Watch Party - November 14, 2015
The Cats travelled to Lubbock to take on the Texas Tech Red Raiders in their last road game of the season. K-State was not warmly received as Tech ran off 28 first quarter points from which K-State could not overcome, ultimately losing 59-44. The loss was the Cats sixth straight which greatly disappointed the dozen CaliforniaCats at Ricky's. The Cats need to win their final three games to become bowl eligible.

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Baylor Game - November 5, 2015
Baylor waltzed into Manhattan averaging over 60 points and nearly 700 yards total offense and likely were expecting an easy win. They did get the win, but it was not easy as K-State came to play displaying a gutsy performance losing 31-24. The defense was gouged in the first half giving up easy touchdowns, but tightened in the second holding Baylor to one. The Cats almost ran at will rolling up over 250 yards on the ground behind Joe Hubener and Charles Jones. The future for the rest of the season may not be as bleak as it has been after recent losses, especially the Oklahoma game debacle.

Texas Watch Party - October 24, 2015
The CaliforniaCats had Ricky's to ourselves for Saturday's early morning game as K-Stare travelled to Austin to take on the Texas Longhorns in a rainy, soggy game. In contrast to last weekends debacle with Oklahoma the Cats played much better, but came up short losing to Texas 23-9. The game was actually much closer than the score would indicate as the Longhorns scored late.


Oklahoma Watch Party - October 17, 2015
The magic ended for the Cats as they were totally outplayed by the Oklahoma Sooners. Poor overall play by both the offense and defense and injuries to many key players contributed to the 55-0 rout. The art of tackling has been forgotten, at least this week. Needless to say the CaliforniaCats fans at Ricky's were very disappointed.

TCU Watch Party - October 10, 2015
Ricky's was incredibly raucous tonight as college football fans for multiple teams were there rooting for their teams, which was quite a departure from our quieter morning and noon games. The CaliforniaCats held up our end loudly cheering for the Cats. K-State played another incredible first half this week with Joe Hubener as quarterback. He and the team rushed for five touchdowns. For the second straight week, however, the offense mostly disappeared in the second half and the Cats lost in a heartbreaker when TCU scored a touchdown to break a tie in the last two minutes of the game. The Cats gave it their all losing with a final score of 52-45. 


Oklahoma State Watch Party - October 3, 2015
The Wildcats have not won at Oklahoma State since 1999. Hope of a victory seemed especially slim as quarterback Joe Hubener was knocked out of the game on the Cats first possession. Wide receiver Kody Cook who played quarterback in Community College came on in relief and played exceptional leading the team to 28-20 lead in the first half. The second half was a different story as the offense could not get anything going and as luck would have it Cook got injured and came out of the game. Bottom line the Cats lost 36-34 on a late field goal.


Louisiana Tech Watch Party - September 19, 2015
K-State fans at Ricky's were treated to one of the Cat's most exciting wins in recent years. K-State's receivers dropped multiple 'easy' catches early in the game, which could have affected the outcome as they let Louisiana Tech stay in the game. The receivers did brush away the jitters in the second half and made several great catches including one for the game winning touchdown in triple overtime. Final score 39-33!

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UTSA Watch Party - September 12, 2015
K-State played an uncharacteristic non-conference road game and gave the CaliforniaCats, including four new members, at Ricky's a fun start to the weekend as the Cats rolled over the Roadrunners with a strong second half. Quarterback Joe Hubener threw downfield quite well though his short passes need work. Like last week, K-State's defense played extremely well holding UTSA to three points as the Cats were victorious 30-3.

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South Dakota Game Wrap - September 5, 2015
The Cats came out strong and Morgan Burns sent the initial message to the South Dakota Coyotes as he returned the opening game kick-off for a 103-yard return touchdown! The first offensive play of the game brought K-Staters back to reality as Jesse Ertz, after a long struggle to capture the job as quarterback, suffered a leg injury and did not return. Backup quarterback, Joe Hubener then led K-State's offense through most of the rest of the game. The defense played very well holding the Coyotes scoreless as the Cats won big 34-0.


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