Cotton Bowl (Arkansas) - January 6, 2012
K-State’s football team season ended with a disappointing loss to the University of Arkansas at the Cotton Bowl. The team excelled all season long by having only a few penalties per game and not making turnovers. Unfortunately, the Cotton Bowl game saw the Cat’s not play their usual error free game, which resulted in the 29-16 loss in front of 80,000 fans in Dallas and CaliforniaCat fans at Ricky’s in San Leandro. K-Stater’s everywhere should be extremely proud of this team and its coach’s effort as they put forth a tremendous 10-3 record especially when you had most people outside of the program forecasting a 6-6 season and maybe a bowl game.

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Iowa State - December 3, 2011
Considering all the Kansas State football games we have seen at at Ricky's this year, the Iowa State game ranks highly as one of the most exciting. For every winning game and every winning watch party, except for the Kansas game, K-State was not assured a victory until the final minutes of the game. Saturday's game against Iowa State was no exception as the Cats could not consider the game as a victory until the last minute as K-State held on for a 30–23 victory. Running back John Hubert, who has had only a minor role in recent weeks, came on strong with a late touchdown and totaled 120 yards rushing to the delight of over twenty K-Staters at Ricky's. 

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Texas - November 19, 2011
K-State owns Texas, BOOM, BOOM - BOOM, BOOM, BOOM; K-State owns Texas, BOOM, BOOM - BOOM, BOOM, BOOM! That is four straight victories over Texas and four victories over Texas teams this year!

These games are wearing everyone out, poor Coach Snyder, but the wins are sweet in a year when many projected this team to end up in ninth place in the ten team Big 12 conference. The Cats are now 9-2 and ranked #11 in the BCS.

As games go it wasn't pretty as the Cats barely moved the ball, but did when they needed, to score enough points to win 17-13 in front of a packed 100,000+ seat stadium in Austin and a packed house at Ricky's. At half-time a K-State hat and shirt were donated by Spencer Sechler's '87 mother and nephew to the delight of two K-Staters who won them at our weekly drawing. 

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Texas A&M - November 12, 2011
Could a football game get any more exciting than last week' s game with Oklahoma State? Short answer. Yes.

After last weeks exhilarating and exhausting game, that K-State lost on the last play, a question going in to today's game with Texas A&M was  - how would the Cats react? Would they have a let down or would they be be able to respond with a victory over A&M?

Fear not. K-State gave the twenty plus
CaliforniaCats at Ricky's one of K-State's most thrilling games in school history. Falling behind by 14 in the first quarter, the Cats came back twice to tie the game. The score was tied 31 at the end of regulation. It took four, nerve wracking overtimes before the Cats finally won 53-50. It had been thirteen years for K-State to get some satisfaction for the double overtime loss to A&M in the 1998 Big XII Championship game.


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Oklahoma State - November 5, 2011
Kansas State put up a gallant, though, ultimately losing effort Saturday evening against Oklahoma State in Stillwater. The effort was especially memorable considering how poorly K-State played last Saturday losing a home game to Oklahoma. One week made all the difference in the world as the Cats leading late in the game scared #3 (now #2) Oklahoma State before ultimately losing with one second remaining 52-45. Collin Klein once again played with incredible passion and is one of the best quarterbacks in college football. He may not be receiving any chatter as an Heisman candidate, but for this team he is the Heisman winner for his leadership and true grit.

Oklahoma - October 29, 2011
Could K-State win for a fifth time going into the game as an underdog? Ultimately no, but at half time their was cautious optimism as K-State had scored 17 straight points and were only behind 23-17. This week again the underdog mantel was bestowed and well deserved as K-State was totally dominated in the second half losing 58-17 before a bewildered group of twenty-six CaliforniaCats at Ricky’s. Other than two interceptions by Nigel Malone there were precious few positives coming out of the game.

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Kansas - October 22, 2011
Continuing a trend of K-State vs. KU football under Bill Snyder. The Cats once again dominated the Jayhawks winning 59-21 to the delight of one of our largest watch parties this season. Several new CaliforniaCats attended their first watch party including All-American linebacker Jeff Kelly who played for K-State in 1997-1998. The game itself was especially fun as it was stress free for a change. Collin Klein had another great day under center running for four touchdowns and passing for another. Tyler Lockett had a breakout receiving game and became the first player in K-State history to return a kickoff for a touchdown in back-to-back games. 

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Texas Tech - October 15, 2011
Your Kansas State Wildcat football team is now ranked by the AP at #12. Quite respect for a team considered by many at the beginning of the season as a projected bottom tier Big 12 team. The #12 ranking came about as Kansas State moved to 6-0 for the season as the Wildcats defeated Texas Tech in Lubbock, a rare event, last night 41-34. The victory was a total team effort as the defense played strong again, when needed, picking up three key interceptions (one for a touchdown on the third play of the game!). Special teams highlights included two blocked field goal attempts and a 100-yard kick-off touchdown return by Tyler Lockett. In the second half the offense, after mysteriously going missing in the first half, played strong scoring go ahead touchdowns behind the running and passing of Collin Klein.

Missouri Watch Party - October 8, 2011

For the second straight week the CaliforniaCats topped twenty cheering Wildcat fans at Ricky's. In addition to the CaliforniaCats, nine of our fans were visitors from Kansas and Washington DC. Memories of their visit to the Bay Area will be even more special as they recall the fun they had cheering on the Wildcats at our Watch Party. 

Following last week’s victory over Baylor, K-State came in to today's game ranked #20. Missouri, however, was favored due to their showing against Oklahoma and the overall offensive balance they have brought to all of their games this season. Not being favored did not seem to faze K-State as the Cats held the Tigers to less than 100 yards in the first half and almost 200 yards less than their season average for the game. K-State was up 24-3 going into the fourth quarter before Missouri came back to get within seven points before falling ultimately losing 24-17. K-State is now 5-0 and off to their best start since 2000.


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Baylor Watch Party - October 1, 2011
Over twenty CaliforniaCats were anxious before the game at Ricky's wondering if the team that played Miami so strong last Saturday would show up in Manhattan today. Would the Cats be able to Hold-the-Line for a third straight game? Well not the goal line this week, but the defense came on strong and held Baylor on their last possession to win the game behind the stellar performance of linebacker Arthur Brown. Baylor started the game and scored their first touchdown in four quick plays, which is Baylor's way this year behind the phenomenal passing of Robert Griffin III. RGIII threw five touchdown passes and one interception, his first of the year. The interception was the difference maker that led to Baylor's defeat in a wild scoring 36-35 K-State victory and a perfect 4-0 season record start. Collin Klein is becoming more comfortable as the starting quarterback as he threw for two touchdowns and ran for another. 

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Miami Watch Party - September 24, 2011
K-Staters were on the edge of their seats at Saturday's Watch Party as the Miami Hurricanes, playing at home, were threatening to score late and take the lead in a fabulous football game. Miami had a first down on the three-yard line with less than two minutes to go and the Cat defense held firm and rejected Miami on four straight plays giving K-State a great 28-24 victory. The game was not all about defense, however, as the running game came to life after a strong performance by John Hubert who tallied 166 yards rushing. Collin Klein passing has been getting crisper every week, which is resulting in a more balanced attack.

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Kent State Watch Party - September 17, 2011
Following upon a very weak offensive performance versus Eastern Kentucky, K-State came out much stronger, albeit Kent State penalties kept the Cats in many drives. The defense remains a strength thus far this season as Kent State was held scoreless losing 37-0. Probably the most important play in the game was David Garretts interception for a touchdown of Kent States second play. The offense was able to relax and get into a rhythm; essentially the game was over on that play.

Eastern Kentucky - September 3, 2011

Whoa! Who would have thought K-State's offense would have been so anemic based on the optimism expressed in the preseason by the coaches and press. Five turnovers didn't help.  If you have not heard the Wildcats pulled out a victory over Eastern Kentucky late in the fourth quarter, 10-7. The only bright side was the defense that played very well. Next weeks bye week comes at a good time, as it will give the team time to regroup and get the kinks out of their game.


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