Pinstripe Bowl Watch Party - December 30, 2010
K-State took on Syracuse in the inaugural Pinstripe Bowl game at Yankee Stadium. Though the temperature in New York was cold, it was warm in the stadium as cheering fans of both teams warmed up the ballpark and got to see a terrific game whose outcome was unknown to the final minute. The twenty K-State fans at Ricky's Sports Theatre & Grill were treated to an exciting game. Unfortunately, one team had to lose and it was K-State who came up short losing 36-34. The Cats started red hot scoring on the second play of the game on Daniel Thomas' long touchdown run. Four plays later on a punt return the Cats scored again, only to have the play called back because of a penalty. For the remainder of the game it was a slug fest with both teams scoring almost at will.


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North Texas State Game - November 28, 2010
The Cats completed their regular season with a victory as many expected, though it was not an easy, as the rushing defennse played poorly once again. Fortunately, K-State's Daniel Thomas also had a terrific rushing game that was too much for North Texas. The final score, 49-41, was quite indicative of the wild scoring game. Though the defense had a tough year the offense consistently put up big numbers in nearly all the games. Other than the Nebraska game K-State was competivtive in all the games they lost. Now it is time for a bowl game.

Colorado Game - November 20, 2010
This week the Wildcat offense showed up in Boulder as K-State took on Colorado. Unfortunately the defense stayed, once again, in Manhattan and the Cats were run over by the Buffalos losing 44-36. The bright spot in the game was the passing performance of Carson Coffman as he looked sharp passing for 270 yards in the second half.

Going into the game, if K-State was victorious at Colorado we seemed in a good position to get a bowl berth in the San Diego Holiday Bowl. This weekend's game versus North Texas is critical for any chance at the Holiday Bowl invitation.

Missouri Watch Party - November 13, 2010
The up and down play of this team continues as  K-State played incredibly poorly as the Cats lost 38-28. The time it takes to call and start offensive plays is agonizingly slow, which seems to support their lackadaisical play. The multiple turnovers by quarterback Carson Coffman made Ricky's a depressing place for the CaliforniaCats.

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Texas Game - November 6, 2010
The up and down K-State Wildcats were up Saturday evening as they overwhelmed the University of Texas Longhorns winning 39-14 in a game that wasn’t as close as the score seems. The victory makes the Cats bowl elgible. K-State now holds a 5-2 advantage over Texas since the inception of the Big XII! In addition to the very unusual statistic of only four passes being thrown (two were caught for nine yards) we must have had an all time low in penalties, being flagged only twice for 14 yards. Backup quarterback, Collin Klein took all but the last snap and had a great first game as he ran for 127 yards while also managing the game quite well.

Oklahoma State Watch Party - October 30, 2010
The CaliforniaCats watched the KSU/OSU game on Ricky’s gigantic 18-foot high definition screen. K-State and Oklahoma State played an entertaining game, but the Cats came up short losing 24-14. Both teams were guilty of multiple drive killing penalties and turnovers that resulted in touchdowns for the other team. K-State’s defense once again gave up over 500 yards, however they did have a moral victory as they cut OSU’s high scoring offense of over 48 points per game in half. Moral victories, however, won’t get us to another bowl game.

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Baylor Game - October 23, 2010
K-State took on the new look Baylor Bear team that featured their terrific quarterback, Robert Griffen, who had another tremendous game passing for over 400 yards, including four touchdown passes. Considering Baylor amassed nearly 700 total yards of offense it was a still an entertaining game as the Cats never quit and ultimately lost 47-42.

Kansas Watch Party - October 14, 2010
As disappointed as K-State fans were during and following last week’s Nebraska loss, last night they were wildly happy and giving high-fives after each Wildcat touchdown on the Kansas Jayhawks, especially the CaliforniaCats at Ricky’s. K-State totally dominated our neighboring University on the Kaw. The 59-7 final score was indicative of the Cats solid game with nearly all of the points being scored in the second and third quarters. Carson Coffman started the game throwing strikes, and he kept throwing strikes all evening. The solid passing game forced KU to be more balanced on defense, which let the Cats run almost at will. The Kansas fans were so disappointed that many of them abandoned Memorial Stadium by half time.

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Nebraska Watch Party - October 7, 2010
Tonight's game was a stinker for K-state players and fans everywhere as Nebraska overwhelmed the Cats 48-13 in Manhattan. Not much more can be said about this game, but I am sure glad we play KU next week for a chance at redemption.

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Central Florida Watch Party - September 25, 2010
K-State fans at Ricky's were optimistic at the beginning of the UCF game, but as Bill Snyder cautioned all week the University of Central Florida team was very fast. They were and UCF completely dominated the first half in all categories except scoring, leading 7-0. The game was weather delayed for nearly an hour and a half in the first quarter after each team had one possession to start the game. During the third quarter K-State started to awake and finally got on the board with a field goal. Finally in the fourth quarter the Cats started to move the ball and scored the final and winning points with just 24 seconds in the game. Final score 17-14.


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Iowa State Watch Party - September 18, 2010
On an uncharacteristically drizzly September morning the CaliforniaCats met once again at Ricky's for Saturday's game versus Iowa State. It was college football at it's finest, especially as K-State came out on top 27-20. Both teams replied to each others scoring drives with their own scores. The Cyclones did not go down easily as they were driving late trying to tie the game, which kept everyone at Ricky's holding their breath. Daniel Thomas had another big game piling up yards and a couple of touchdowns. 

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Missouri State Game - September 11, 2010
K-State hosted the Missouri State Bears on Saturday and came away with their second victory of the year 48-24. Attending the game I can attest that long rushing and passing yard touchdowns dominated for the Cats. Carson Coffman appeared more relaxed and in control (not continually running for his life) and had a solid game passing at a 75% percentage rate in the first half.

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UCLA Watch Party - September 4, 2010
The UCLA Bruins visited Manhattan on Saturday (September 4) and the
CaliforniaCats met at Ricky’s for our first football Watch Party of the season.
Jim Siefkin hosted the Watch Party and reported we had a very nice sized gathering. Running back, Daniel Thomas, picked up where he left off last season with another monstrous game with 234 rushing yards as K-State defeated UCLA 31-22. Quarterback Carson Coffman had another rough day as he was sacked numerous times. As with all sacks the blame is shared with the offensive line. The offensive line was hobbled, however, by the loss of a starting lineman early in the game. Bottom line, a win is a win.

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