Nebraska Watch Party - November 21, 2009
If only. If only the K-State defense that travelled to Nebraska had played Missouri last weekend, as K-State would have defeated the Tigers. Alas, they didn’t and all of their effort could not overcome an offense that didn’t show up for the second week in a row. It has been a long time since the Cats were held without a touchdown two weeks going. Nebraska’s Suh was all that he was billed. He played a monster game. The team’s 17-3 defeat completed the football season for K-State. We now will have to wait nine months to see what type of team will be born next September.


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Missouri Watch Party - November 14, 2009
Missouri's defense came to play and smothered K-State's running back, Daniel Thomas and the rest of K-State's offense Saturday and in the process quite effectively quieted the small (yeah - where was everyone?) CaliforniaCats group at Ricky's as the Cats lost big time 38-12. Missouri played very well and deserved this victory.


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Kansas Watch Party - November 7, 2009
Whew! Saturday's home game and victory over KU 17-10 was tense. As usual  
the CaliforniaCats met at Ricky's to cheer on the Cats. The game featured one dimensional offenses. K-State generaly ran at will with Daniel Thomas having a monster day, while KU's passing game was on target. The difference for victory were turnovers, which is all to often the case. KU's quarterback fumbled twice and was intercepted once which was the difference between wining and losing. The Cats are now 6-4 and are one game from being bowl elgible. Who would have thought last September that at this point of the season we would be in a strong position to win the Big XII North. We just need to take care of business next two Saturdays. At our watch party, Kathleen W. set a CaliforniaCats record for coming from the furthest away as she joined us after driving from south of Fresno!

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Oklahoma Watch Party - October 31, 2009
The twenty CaliforniaCats at Ricky's had a rip-roaring good time as K-State played a trick-or-treat game with Oklahoma on Saturday.
Oklahoma came storming out with a quick 21 point lead, K- State came roaring back and cut the lead to 28-23. Then Oklahoma came back and scored their first touchdown of the second half in the fourth quarter, and then Brandon Banks treated the Cats to a kick-off return for a TD. Final score 42-30 Oklahoma. Quite a game for K-State as we were 28 point underdogs.

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Colorado Watch Party - October 24, 2009
The resurgence of the K-State football team continues as the Cats defeated Colorado in the 2009 Homecoming game in Manhattan 20-9. Closer to home, the
CaliforniaCats met at Ricky's in San Leandro for the early morning game. After successive week's of a blowout loss followed by a blowout victory we were holding our breath throughout today's game as the outcome could have gone either way up to the last couple of minutes. Last week Colorado held KU to negative yards rushing, while today Daniel Thomas alone rushed for 145 yards for K-State.

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Texas A&M Watch Party - October 17, 2009
Home Sweet Home . . . Following the Texas Tech game I said "the Cats were definitely  NOT back"? After Saturday's Texas A&M home game we just MIGHT be back. What a crazy team and season. Last week's poor outing and beautiful Fall weather kept some fans away as only six delerious K-Stater's were at Ricky's for what was a TERRIFIC game as the Cats were unstoppable winning 62-14. Gregory's style of play showcased in this game probably won him the starting job for the balance of the season.

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Texas Tech Watch Party - October 10, 2009
Following the Tennessee Tech game I questioned "are the Cats back"? After Saturday's Texas Tech game we have the answer: the Cats definitely are NOT and the Red Raiders are back. K-State is a team that is a work in progress. Better days are ahead and they can't get here any too soon.
We had a nice group of fifteen K-State fans at Ricky's urging on the team in a game where the Cats were completely overwhemed in a losing cause 66-14.

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Iowa State Watch Party - October 3, 2009
The CaliforniaCats met at Ricky's for the first time this season and thoroughly enjoyed a nail biter game. Julie Deppish hosted this weeks game and said the K-Staters made enough noise to sound like 60 cheering fans instead of small group that attended. Everyone was surprised in Kansas City, Manhattan, Ames and Ricky's when Grant Gregory got the nod to start the game at quarterback in lieu of Carson Coffman. HIs scrambling style play won the hearts of everyone except the Cyclones as the Cats won 24-23.


Tennessee Tech Game - September 26, 2009
Are the Cats back? Too soon to say, but they played a strong game on Saturday defeating Tennessee Tech 49-7. Field goals remain elusive as the only attempt on Saturday sailed off to the side. As we know from the Louisian Lafayette game field goals can be the difference between winning and losing. Quarterback Coffman, however, completed 8 of 9 passes and Brandon Banks had a game of a lifetime as he returned two, 90-yard kicks for touchdowns.

UCLA Game - September 19, 2009
K-Staters this Prior to Saturday evenings game with UCLA, a large contingent of CaliforniaCats gathered for a pre-game 'Watch Party' at Barney's Ltd. Barney's Ltd. was one of two Barney's in Pasadena's Old Town that hosted K-Stater's to prepare for the game. The Alumni Association estimated that 5,000 K-Staters were in attendance at the game, plus the CaliforniaCat contingent of 66 fans.

The Rose Bowl lived up to it's reputation. The setting was fabulous as the stadium is sited amongst nearby mountains and the temperature was mild. Our top of stadium seats were very good as they ranged between the 20-25 yard line.

Now to the game. As the Cat's are in a coaching transition, the 23-9 loss was not necessarily a surprise. The quarterback play was improved, but the kicking game remains disappointing and the defense is much improved over last year. Running back Daniel Thomas seems to be the real deal having another solid game.

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Louisiana Lafayette Game - September 12, 2009
K-Staters this past week have pondered what type of team we have this year after the poor showing last week against Massachusetts. After the Louisiana Lafayette game I have concluded they are just young and inexperienced. The horrid kicking game, (two missed field goals, muffed field goal and missed extra field goal), explains why K-State lost to Louisiana 17-15. The defense seemingly has improved. How much will be clearly understood after next weekend’s game when K-State travels to Pasadena to play UCLA.

Massachusetts Game - September 5, 2009
The Bill Snyder era, Part Two, began on Saturday evening in Manhattan in front of the largest opening day crowd in school history including over 350 former Snyder players from Part One.

The Cats ultimately prevailed over the Minutemen 21-17 in a game that was not as close as the final score as K-State was comfortably ahead 21-3 at halftime and additional chances to score more points.A couple of miscues within two minutes in the second half resulted in two quick scores that made the game interesting. Several players had strong games including running backs Daniel Thomas and Keithen Valentine who teamed up for almost two hundred rushing yards. Carson Coffman had a couple of touchdown passes to senior wide receiver Attrail Snipes. Lastly, the defense sounded like they were much improved over last season. Time will tell if the improvement is real or not.


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