Missouri Watch Party - November 8, 2008
The Missouri Tigers took on the Cats Saturday and easily prevailed in a 41-24 victory. MU’s drives reminded me of some of the K-State drives in the past with three touchdowns coming in two plays or less. QB Freeman was throwing the ball everywhere except where receivers could actually catch the ball. We had bullets that were thrown ten feet that couldn’t be handled in the cold weather and multiple passes at the receiver’s ankles. Mercifully, today’s game was our last Watch Party of the year at Ricky’s. Writing Watch Party Wraps has gotten increasingly more difficult with each game since Prince arrived in Manhattan. Hopefully, a new coach will come to town that can actually coach and the glory days of the ‘90’s will return for everyone.

Kansas Watch Party - November 1, 2008
The rainy, wet weather outdoors was in harmony with the long unhappy faces indooors at Rickey's on Saturday morning as the Cats were totally outplayed and outclassed in Lawrence. Turnovers and inane play calling once again were pivotal in the 52-21 shellacking by the Jayhawks. Enough said. On to better games

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Oklahoma Watch Party - October 25, 2008
Thanks to Jesse Higgins '05 who hosted the Oklahoma game Watch Party at
Ricky's. Jesse said K-Staters started going a little bit crazy in the second quarter when the Cats scored three straight touchdowns and had to put up with a loud and boorish OU fan as the game went along. K-State played another wild football game as the Cats played fast and loose, for at least a half anyway on Saturday before losing eventually to Oklahoma 58 -35. By the look of the score without seeing the game we looked liked trounced us, which we actually did, but, in reality the game was lost on turnovers. Take the turnovers back and it would have been an even more entertaining game. What is interesting is that the past two weeks the defense has only given up a total of 3 points in the second half. Now if they start playing the entire game that way ...

Colorado Watch Party - October 18, 2008
On Saturday evening the defense played much better than it has the past several weeks. However, It was for naught as the offense decided not to show up as the Cat’s lost to Colorado 14 – 13 in an exciting game that went down to the last play. K-State missed field goal attempts would have given the Cat’s the victory, but it wasn’t to be. Continuing our tradition of meeting at Ricky’s this week we met in a new room to cheer on the Cats as other large parties were in full form. As usual we had a nice attendance as thirteen CaliforniaCats fans joined in the fun. This week for the first time this year we had a drawing with prizes being given away at half time.

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Texas Tech Watch Party - October 4, 2008
In the words of CaliforniaCats Loren Davis "if the game ended at the end of the first quarter we would have done fine". Unfortunately there were three more quarters of play. The loss became probable when the wide receivers only caught one pass in the second quarter. Tackling was improved over past games, though the running game disappeared once again.


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Louisville Watch Party - September 17, 2008
K-State fans had the run of Ricky's like Louisville had the run over.
K-State tonight. Being the only game on TV we took center stage and Rickey's gigantic 18-foot screen. It is unfortunate the team played as poor as they did in the second and third quarters as we had a great midweek attendance of thirteen CaliforniaCats fans. The fairly close score unfortunately was not indicative of our overall play.

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Montana State Game - September 6, 2008
WOW, KABAM, POW and rain so went Saturday evening's game in Manhattan. The Cats came out smokin' scoring a touchdown the first time they touched the ball for the second consecutive week, on their way to a 69-10 blowout victory.

I was in Manhattan for a meeting and was able to attend the game. Sprinkles and drizzle peppered fans throughout the day resulting in a slower than usual tailgate start. The rain held off for most of the first quarter. When it finally started it didn’t matter to the team or the fans as a big victory, reminiscent of the Snyder era, was occurring. Special teams, defense and offense all played well scoring points.

Prior to the game the soldiers at Fort Riley were honored and at halftime high school bands across the turned out in great numbers to entertain the fans.


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North Texas Game - August 30, 2008
The Cats showed up in style Saturday evening and played football reminiscent of the Bill Snyder heyday teams pounding North Texas 45-6. Granted the competition wasn't Texas, (oh, we did defeat Texas the past two seasons!), the team seemed stronger than last year's squad. Quarterback Josh Freeman had a strong game with five touchdowns and no interceptions. The few penalties were also a welcome relief from the penalty laden teams of the past, including Snyder's tenure.


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