Missouri Watch Party - November 17, 2007
IF K-State would have played the same type of game as they did against Texas, that is, minimal penalties, no turnovers, consistent special teams play, the Cats would have been victorious on Saturday. Unfortunately, they didn't and our losses to Auburn, Kansas, Colorado and Oklahoma State all came down to the same factors in losing to Missouri 49 - 31. The defense played extremely well in the first half and then ... Montana and Montana State shared the top billing at Ricky's bringing trumpets and all as we celebrated our final watch party at Ricky's this season. Next weekend we have a group of over 150 people heading off to Fresno to cheer the Cats onto victory.

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Nebraska Watch Party - November 10, 2007
A halfhearted effort all afternoon resulted in a total embarrassing 73 - 31 loss to the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Saturday afternoon. Early in the season the team played with heart and enthusiasm resulting in wins and some close losses. Has the team given up? It sure looked that way this weekend. We will get the opportunity to see if they have as the Cats take on Missouri next weekend. As you can imagine the CaliforniaCats at Ricky's expressed their frustration quite vocally throughout the game. On to next week and an upset win over Missouri.

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Iowa a State Watch Party - November 3, 2007
Saturday's game with Iowa State was a low point this year as K-State never overcame a turnover on the first play of the game losing 31 - 20. We had another good crowd, however, of Wildcat fans at Ricky's and had fun in spite of the erratic play of the team. K-State takes on Nebraska next weekend and considering how badly they got trounced by KU they should be about as flat as possible. All this means is that we SHOULD come out with a win in Lincoln.

Colorado Watch Party - October 13, 2007
Ricky's was hopping on Saturday night with large soccer and football crowds. The CaliforniaCats were the loudest, however, and who could blame them with the big victory over the Colorado Buffaloes 47-20. The Cats brought a balanced attach, didn't have any turnovers, and only had a couple of penalties in the victory. At halftime we had a drawing for a K-State cap and introductions of three new members including Jeff Ferguson who was Coach Snyder's athletic trainer during the 1990's and early 2000's and today's Head Athletic Trainer for the San Francisco 49ers. A young fan showed off his 2003 Big XII Championship ring.

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Kansas Watch Party - October 6, 2007
Kerplunk, thud, pick your adjective for how the Cats played against in-state rivals Kansas, losing 30-24. The game began on a positive note with an interception, but then the penalties started to come, which killed any momentum the Cats, might have developed and the team played flat for most of the game. The enthusiasm the team showed at Texas stayed in Texas. For Wildcat fans the CaliforniaCats had some cheering moments, but not enough. Fortunately the Big XII season has just begun and there is plenty of time for the Cats to make themselves known starting with Colorado next Saturday.

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Texas Watch Party - September 29, 2007
The Texas Longhorns ran into the Kansas State buzz saw for the second consecutive year when they took on the Cats in a home game in Austin. In the words of David Rose, former K-State defensive player and CaliforniaCats regular, the “Lynch Mob is back”. K-Staters enjoyed another great watch party cheering on the Cats in the 41-21 victory. Similar to the Auburn game we had another 30 plus gathering that became more and more delirious with each huge defensive play.

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San Jose State Game - September 1, 2007
The Cats took on 'our' San Jose State Spartans in Manhattan for the first home game of the season. As many suspected the outcome was not a surprise as the Wildcats defeated the Spartans 34-14. The Cats finally unveiled a running game to complement a fairly effective passing attack. They continue, however, to be hounded by penalties though several were quite dubious to those of us in the stands with purple tinted glasses. I did attend the game and it was played in almost ideal conditions, although it was quite humid at least for Bay Area fans.


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Auburn Watch Wrap - September 1, 2007
Oh so close. K-State's football team almost pulled off an improbable upset of the No. 18 Auburn Tigers at Auburn losing a game dominated by K-State until the final minutes. The final score was not indicative in any way of the effort the team put forth in this disappointing start to the 2007 season. In addition to the entertaining game,
CaliforniaCats fans gathered en masse at Ricky's with over 30 excited fans enjoying the excitement by out yelling the California Bears fans in an adjacent room. The general consensus was that the defense that showed up on Saturday, along with a healthy Josh Freeman bodes well for the upcoming season.

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