Texas Bowl and Rutgers Watch Wrap - December 28, 2006
CaliforniaCats gathered at Ricky's to watch K-State's final football game of the season as the Cats took on Rutgers in the inaugural Texas Bowl. Though we watched the game in High-Definition on Ricky's giant 15' plus screen, the play of Cats didn't deserve such a setting as Rutgers thoroughly dominated K-State pounding the Cats 37-10, and it wasn't even that close. The loss was not necessarily a surprise though the magnitude of the defeat was unexpected and quite disappointing. The coaches now have a lot of game film to dissect during off-season. Even with the defeat the CaliforniaCats had another great season of renewing friendships during our Watch Party gatherings and look forward to another great season ahead.

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Kansas Watch Wrap - November 18, 2006
OOOPS! What goes up does come down and the Wildcats got a dose of reality when they waltzed into Lawrence on Saturday and met a fired up Kansas team losing to the Jayhawks 39-20. KU played in K-State's backfield most of the game but it was K-State's continual turnovers that resulted in the Cats losing the game. Though the Cats lost, all was well at Ricky's as we had our largest attendance of the year with thirty-six CaliforniaCats trying to will K-State to victory.

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Texas Watch Wrap - November 11, 2006
WOW! Heading into Saturday's game with Texas, the Wildcats have showed continued improvement adjusting to Coach Prince's leadership and coaching with recent victories over Iowa State and Colorado. The question may have lurked about how good the Cats really were since ISU and CU both have had off seasons. Saturday's outstanding victory spoke volumes about the programs Renaissance. Defeating a high ranked and respected team convincingly was a tremendous achievement and in front of a national audience. It doesn't get much sweeter. Considering the youth at key positions the future looks bright.

The CaliforniaCats enjoyed another great time together at Ricky's in San Leandro. Though the game was nationally broadcast, cheering on the Cats with other K-Staters, is the best way to have fun, especially when you defeat Texas 45-42 earning national respect once again.

Colorado Watch Wrap - November 4, 2006

The Cats are improving every week. On Saturday, the K-State CaliforniaCats met as usual at Ricky's to watch a very exciting game as KSU defeated Colorado 34-21. It was one of the best all around games K-State has played since the Big XII Championship game in 2003. The offense and defense both played a terrific first half, but the third quarter belonged to Colorado when they finally started to run the ball scoring their first points of the game. Ther fourth quarter belonged once again to K-State's offense as they scored two touchdowns on big plays. At the rate Josh Freeman is maturing at quarterback the future seems very bright.

During half time, we had two lucky winners who won a K-State tee-shirt and a Football Media Guide respectively.


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Nebraska Watch and Game Wrap - October 14, 2006
The largest CaliforniaCats football Watch Party, 25 cheering fans, of the past two years occurred on Saturday to watch K-State take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Though the Cats lost 21-3 there were some positives to take away from the game. The defense played well in the loss and quarterback Josh Freeman seems to be getting more comfortable as the starter. The rushing game, however, was nonexistent. K-State needs two victories the rest of the season to get back to a bowl game. Two victories seem within reach.

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Louisville Watch and Game Wrap - September 23, 2006
Though the Cats did not pull out a victory, losing 24-6 to number eighth-ranked Louisville, the Cats continue to improve defensively. The offense lags behind the defense which is making this an entertaining year. Speaking of entertaining, thirteen Wildcat fans were treated to a widescreen HD broadcast of the game at Ricky's. Michael Townsend led the group as I attended the game in Manhattan. Therefore, in addition to the usual Watch Party photographs I've included images from the game.

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Marshall Watch Wrap - September 16, 2006
A boistrous group of CaliforniaCats met early Saturday morning at Ricky's to cheer on the Wildcats as they totally dominated Marshall 23-7. The defense looks like it is back, based on the their performance the past two games. The defensive coordinator said that he wanted the defense to be fast and to fly around the field making tackles. That they did. It was the most impressive defensive performance that we have seen since the the Big XII Championship game in 2003. Next week the Cats will be tested once again when they take on Lousiville, a Top Ten team.

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