Missouri Watch Wrap - November 19, 2005
The football team concluded a long season with a game that was reminiscent of years pass as they scored touchdowns by passing, running, blocking a punt and making an interception, on their way to defeating Missouri 36-28. Coach Snyder will be a tough act to follow, but in his typical style, he left the pantry full and next year should see the Cats headed to a Bowl Game again.

Texas Tech Watch Wrap - October 15, 2005

The Texas Tech game drew the largest Watch Party of the year as seventeen K-State fans were in attendance at Ricky's. The Cats played a terrific first half holding the Red Raiders without a touchdown until the waning minutes of the second quarter giving hope for a strong second half showing. Texas Tech however had other ideas as they came out throwing and eventually completely wore out K-State's secondary chasing 74 passes!!! Though it seems strange to say when you lose 59-20 the defense continues to get better, sacking the quarterback multiple times, making bone-crunching tackles and fighting until the end - quite a departure from the effort of last year's squad.

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Kansas Watch Wrap - October 8, 2005
Steve Flaming leading a group of cheering K-State fans, hosted the CaliforniaCats watch party at Ricky's,. Seeing the Cats play and beat the Jayhawks again was a treat as the last time the KU game was on television was in 1998. Though the game itself was not picturesque, the defense seems to be getting stronger every week, though next weeks game versus high-scoring Texas Tech will be a mighty challenge. The offense, however, once again struggled, which is understandable considering the injuries to the young offensive line

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Oklahoma Watch Wrap - October 1, 2005
"The Cats are back, at least for this week". Thus I began my comments following our game last week against North Texas. Who knows what type of team we are fielding this season following the abysmal showing against Oklahoma in a 43-21 blowout loss. On the bright side we had another strong showing of K-Staters gathering at Ricky's showing up in force and in purple.


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Marshall Watch Wrap - September 10, 2005
It was a win, it was ugly, but it was still a 21-19 win over the Thundering Herd from Marshall. Fourteen K-Stater's at Ricky's ultimately enjoyed the yo-yo game because of an interception with .02 seconds remaining by Justin McKinney. Once the Cats got the ball in their hands they took care of business in the first half. The second half was another story as K-State didn't show much offense until the fourth quarter when they needed to play ball control which they did admirably.

We had an extra special K-Stater join us today, Bruce Holman, captain of Coach Jack Gardener's 1946-47. Kansas State basketball team. He shared a story about declining a basketball coaching position upon graduation. Who accepted the job? - Tex Winters. Welcome to the Bay Area, Bruce and Audrey.


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