Iowa State Watch Wrap - November 20, 2004
As far as football goes - on to next year. We did have another solid Watch Party showing with sixteen Wildcat fans cheering on the Cats at Ricky's Everyone was in high spirits until we got to the last five minutes of the game when the Cats lost the game in a blow out.

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Missouri Watch Wrap - November 6, 2004
The Missouri Tigers gave K-State fits in the first have of Saturday's game. Then the second half started and the K-State of old started to play. The defense played with passion. Alan Webb's offensive play calling was reminiscent of Ell Roberson last year. Though Meier is a very good quarterback, Webb's game seems to be more complimentary to Sproles, keeping the defense off balance.

Our Watch Party at Ricky's went from frustration to pure happiness with the big win by the Wildcats. At halftime we had a special drawing for a fabulous K-State watch provided by Patrick McGeough and his company GameTime. Mike Rodriguez was the big winner in the raffle.


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Texas Tech Watch Wrap - October 30, 2004
Twenty K-Staters cheered on the Wildcats at Ricky's in San Leandro. Unfortunately the Cats came up short in a loss to the Texas Tech Red Raiders 35-25. Just as the Cats would get back into the game mistakes resulted in long touchdowns for Texas Tech. Oh well, we now need to focus on winning out to make us Bowl eligible. Besides cheering on the Cats and engaging in conversations with fellow Wildcat fans, we have weekly drawings for gifts provided by Varney's.

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Oklahoma Watch Wrap - October 16, 2004
We had nine enthusiastic Wildcat supports for the OU watch party. The 'Cats certainly had a respectable showing - the defense had an excellent performance by their defensive line and the line backing corp. The relative inexperience of the their defensive backfield was their primary defensive weakness. The offensive line still doesn't seem to be able to create many running lanes for Sproles, and I don't know if that is scheme or experience. The team really played with more enthusiasm than seen in previous games, which they are going to need to get back to their winning ways

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Texas A&M Watch Wrap - October 2, 2004
Saturday evening, an enthusiastic group of 16 CaliforniaCat fans met at Ricky's and valiantly cheered the team on as we tried to pull the game out for our fightn' Wildcats, but alas, fumble, fumble, fumble, fumble meant trouble, trouble, trouble for the Cats as they fumbled their way to a 42-30 loss at Texas A&M.

As hard as the loss was the offense is making steady progress. Dylan Meier had a strong game throwing the ball all over the field that hopefully will take the heat off of Sproles. The defense still needs work

Fresno State Watch Wrap - September 11, 2004
Whether watching the Cats at Ricky's or in Manhattan the results were the same - the` team played ugly football. My wife, Donna, hosted our Watch Party and we had around a dozen early morning risers at Ricky's while I was at the game and as disappointing the play of the team was the character of a lot of our purple clad head to foot 'fans' was equally disappointing as thousands became 'quitters' starting at halftime. They personified the definition of 'fair-weather' fans. Our team is young and inexperienced and it became painfully obvious by missed tackles and blocks and errant passes. Let's give the Cats a chance to fight their way back to respectability with our unyielding support.


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