Missouri Watch Wrap - November 23, 2002
Over 35 CaliforniaCat fans were delirious as the Wildcats one more time totally dominated another Big 12 opponent, this time Missouri, 38-0. This team may be the strongest in the University's history and in college football this year. The defense was phenomenal and big offensive plays ruled the day.

Today's watch party attendance was our largest this year and probably the most successful as we had a great mixture of regulars and new fans. New fans this season included the family of #28 David Rose. David is a sophomore and plays special teams and looks forward to playing cornerback next season.

On to a Bowl Game.

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Nebraska Watch Wrap - November 16, 2002
Three in a row over Nebraska in Manhattan!!!
The most points ever scored on Nebraska by K-State!!!
Ell Roberson's 91-yard touchdown was the longest run against Nebraska since 1963!!!

That pretty much sums up the game. K-State played another incredible game Saturday whipping the Huskers 49- 13. For the 20 plus cheering K-State fans at Rickey's there was only one moment of concern, that being after Nebraska scored a touchdown early in the third quarter. From that point on it was easy street for the fans. As usual, we had our half time drawing for gifts provided by Varney's and Jack Erbert '60 who contributed game tapes from the Colorado, Baylor and Kansas games. Thanks Jack.


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Iowa State Watch Wrap - November 9, 2002
What a fabulous football game and Watch Party as we had over 25 CaliforniaCats fans celebrating a big 58-7 victory over Iowa State. This week we even had K-Staters visiting from Kansas and Colorado joining our ranks.

Though the season is far from over, the future looks very bright for this year's version of the fighting Wildcats. Today, Quarterback Ell Roberson seemed to make a giant leap in his game. His passes were on target and his control of the game was very strong. Today he became a leader. The defense also played incredibly well, maybe their best game of the season considering the quality of Iowa State's quarterback and team.

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Kansas Game Wrap - November 2, 2002
On Saturday, the weather was wet & cold and the game miserable for KU fans at Memorial Stadium in Lawrence. For K-State fans the weather was only a minor inconvenience as we basked in a 64-0 victory. The Cats played relaxed and well, including the kicking game where dramatic improvements have been made the past two weeks. As recent tradition has shown, KU fans depart Memorial Stadium in droves once KU starts losing to the Cats. With 3:32 seconds to go in the FIRST quarter, a group of five 'Hawkers started the exodus.

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Texas Watch Wrap - October 19, 2002
Texas did not defeat K-State but we did lose to Texas 17-14. What a disappointment as our defense played an incredibly tough game. Texas took a height advantage from one of our defensive backs, which gave Texas, in three plays, more than half of their offense for the night. Alas, nothing much more can be said about our kicking woes. Even with this loss I believe our Cats will win the rest of their regular season games!!!We had another great Watch Party at Ricky's as 20 K-Staters and friends cheered on our team. For the second time this season, Jim Siefkin '76 stepped into my place as your host as I was fortunate and was given tickets to the game.

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Colorado Watch Wrap - October 5, 2002
Jim Siefkin '76 reports that we had a great Watch Party for the Colorado game with a crowd of 35 cheering and delirious Wildcat fans. A warm welcome greeted several alumni new to the area who joined us this week, as did the parents of cornerback No 28, David Rose. The game as most of you know was a barnburner as the Cats kept getting behind only to fight back and almost pull out a victory in a 35-31 loss.This weekends 11:10 AM game with Oklahoma State will NOT be broadcast, thus no Watch Party. However, you can listen to the internet audio broadcast a.

Southern California Watch Wrap - September 21, 2002
What a game and first Watch Party of the football season. The defense does indeed look pretty special. I imagine the fourth quarter heroics of USC were partly based on our defense getting winded as they have only been playing half a game a week for the past three weeks. Roberson came in and played well and had a strong passing percentage of 66% - his fumble at the end of the game was dubious at best as he was down. At half time we had our weekly drawing of gifts donated by Varney's and I reported on the Alumni Association Leadership meeting I attended the weekend of the Louisiana-Monroe game.The Cats have the week off and the next game against Colorado will be on October 5th. I will send out a message next week regarding a possible Watch Party.

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Louisiana-Monroe Game Wrap - September 7, 2002
I attended the K-State Alumni Association Leadership Conference in Manhattan this past weekend and had the opportunity (you couldn't keep me away) from watching our Cats in person. What can you say when you defeat someone 68-0. We had one incredible span where we were involved in six sequential plays and scored five touchdowns! This years team reminds me of the Bishop era when we scored about every way imaginable. Passes, rushing, interceptions, a kick-off return and blocked punt - whew. The quarterback/receiver game seems much better. The passing percentage is higher because the balls are more catchable and the ones that are a stretch (literally) are being caught. The team speed is also impressive.



Western Kentucky Game Wrap - August 31, 2002
Listening to the Western Kentucky game via the internet, the first quarter was unsettling considering the number of times Dunn was sacked. However, once we got untracked and got the new players into a rhythm they sounded like they played pretty well, especially Sproles and Wallace on offense. I listened to the internet broadcast and watched "Gametracker" that continuously ran game statistics - pretty slick


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