Missouri Watch Wrap - November 24, 2001
Can you imagine a more perfect way to spend a rainy, windy, blustery early Saturday morning than being at Ricky's watching your Wildcats in a solid, 24-3 victory over Missouri. For our last Watch Party of the regular season we had a great gathering of almost 20 K-Staters and friends. As usual, at halftime we distributed gifts compliments of Varney's in Aggieville and announced that Jim Siefkin was the lucky recipient of a Powercat sunshade he won after his name was selected from a national drawing.

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Louisiana Tech Wrap - November 17, 2001
It is disappointing for our Wildcats that we went into a tail spin in the early part of our season as we won't get the true appreciation by the national press that this team now deserves as once again they showed last Saturday we have an awesome defense and rushing game as we totally dominated a very good Louisiana Tech team 40-7. Though our record is a paltry 5-5, we are now playing like a top ten team, and after we defeat Missouri this Saturday we are strong enough to defeat almost anyone in the country. I guess it is time to get off the soapbox.


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Kansas Game Watch Wrap - October 27, 2001
There were several heroes yesterday in Manhattan and one in San Leandro. In Manhattan, the Cats played KU like they have for the past nine years beating them once again, 40-6. Our running game looked very strong but our passing game remains erratic. In San Leandro, Ricky, our host receives an MVP as he worked his satellite connections for over an hour first finding the video feed then the audio just in time for kick-off. Due to the nature of the broadcast we just didn't know whether we would be able to get the game. I send my regrets to all you Wildcat fans that would have liked to see another pasting of the Jayhawks.

Texas A&M Watch Wrap - October 20, 2001
As usual, the CaliforniaCats met at Ricky's and saw a very entertaining game. The Cats were behind 14-0 and came clawing back to 14-10 when the turnover bug struck big time. Our defense played outstanding only giving up approximately 35 yards in the ENTIRE second half. Ell Roberson ran very well but was pulled after the second of two consecutive turnovers. Down 31-10 going into the fourth quarter, Marc Dunn rallied the troops for two touchdowns and got us down to the three yard before time ran out on our effort to tie the game.Texas Tech Game Wrap - October 13, 2001Coach Snyder in his post game interview said "We aren't a very good team right now". A statement for which he won't get any disagreement. We all must remember, however, that the team has an incredible number of injuries and hopefully that is the primary cause for our recent poor showings. This is the time Wildcat fans need to continue to show their support - especially in Manhattan.

Colorado Watch Wrap - October 6, 2001
What a difference a week makes. Last week's performance against Oklahoma seemed to indicate that we would have a very successful season. After this week's game against Colorado some may say that our 'Cats are going to have a long season. The truth of our teams quality must lay somewhere between both extremes. Colorado played very well and we looked sluggish. Colorado had two weeks two prepare for our option game and they had the personnel to cause us problems. Next weeks game should be a barn burning as Texas Tech always plays us tough. This is the time for Wildcat fans to really support the Cats. Unfortunately, however, we will NOT have a watch party next week as the game is not going to be televised, so you will have to listen via the internet.

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Oklahoma Watch Wrap - September 29, 2001
Over 40 K-Staters were cheering wildly at Ricky's in San Leandro as the Wildcats fought back and almost upset No. 3 Oklahoma. Finally losing 38-37. This game was one of our most exciting Watch Parties yet. Mistakes and penalties, some real and some imagined, defeated the boys in Purple.

This is going to be a very good team, maybe our best yet. Ell Roberson has a great future as the leader of this team. What has been forgotten in the analysis of our effort is that our first team entered this very tough environment against the reigning National Champion with only five quarters of experience playing together! Hopefully, that accounted for some of our mistakes and penalties.

At halftime we had a weekly gift drawing, including the marquis gift of a K-State pen and pencil set donated by Bruce and Jeane Johnson. Jim Siefkin was the lucky recipient as the CaliforniaCats representative in a national drawing for a Powercat sunshade. Halftime concluded with a request for donations to a special relief fund for the families of the recent NYC and DC tragedy. CaliforniaCats should be proud as we raised $160.00.

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USC Watch Wrap - September 8, 2001
Whew! I think it is safe to say that we are all happy this game is history. My wife, Donna, was the CaliforniaCats host this weekend at our Watch Party at Ricky's as I made a one-day dash to Los Angeles to see the game. She reports that we had an enthusiastic group with some new fans joining our group. In Los Angeles, several Watch Party regulars got together to at the pre-game party hosted by the K-State Alumni Association.

As for the game itself the 'Cats ran very hard and looked pretty impressive. What was surprising, however, was the number of times our backs kept stumbling over one another. Let's chalk it up to first game jitters in one of the country's most historic football stadiums.

Approximately 8,000 to 9,000 purple clad fans were in attendance and were just as loud, if not louder, than the remaining 60,000 fans. My seats were away from the main K-State group so I had a good seat to hear their roar - awesome. It reminded me of the din that Purdue fans made at the Alamo Bowl game several years ago.

This weekend's game in Manhattan features.

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