On Wednesday evening, June 25th, K-State University President Kirk H. Schulz and Fred A. Cholick, President & CEO of the KSU Foundation Center met with over fifty K-Staters for over two hours at the 488 Café in San Jose. As promised bountiful and very good appetizers and beverages were provided and enjoyed by everyone.

As with past visits, happenings on campus were described by President Schulz in his fifteen minute briefing including a high number of construction projects in the works including an addition to the Engineering complex, a new Business School building along N. Manhattan, a new dormitory that will occupy the space of the current Kramer Food Center, a renovation and addition to Seaton Hall and the removal and new construction of the Vanier Complex. Questions were posed by attendees to President Schulz and light hearted jabs were directed to that other large in-state University.

After meeting President Schulz several times, K-Staters should be thankful that we have such a caring and strong leader to lead our University.

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