Early Saturday morning, May 31, the CaliforniaCats hosted a balloon ride via Napa Valley Balloon, Inc. The weather in Napa was foggy thus our takeoff point was moved to Winters. Having taken a balloon ride from Napa there is surprisingly not much difference in the scenery.

The fun of hot air balloon rides is a combination of a good visibiliy,
good pilot, and a smooth flight/landing. Our flight on the balloon Fiesta II met all of these requirements. Our maximum speed was 17.2 mph (though you have no wind chill as you flow with the currents), our maximum altitude was 2,315 feet and we flew 12.2 miles.

In the large photograph, on the right you can see several of us are flashing the Powercat hand symbol.

IMG3556 IMG3561
IMG3565 IMG3568
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