On June 25th, K-Stater's enjoyed a three hour "Evening on the Bay" dinner and dancing cruise on the California Hornblower.

Departing from Pier 33, twenty
CaliforniaCat's gathered to have some fun, make new friends and talk about our common affection for Kansas State.

Attendees came from all parts of the Bay Area, with the farthest traveling from Santa Cruz and Sacramento. Mary Blanchard '52, commented that "Harry '54 and I want to tell you how fantastic the Hornblower Cruise was on the beautiful San Francisco Bay. We have done it a few times before but never with a group as pleasant as were the K-Staters ... we hope you do it (or something similar) again".

Almost immediately after the ship set sail the buffet line opened. It did not take long for our hungry group to serve themselves. After dinner, more stories were shared as were visits topside to view the city lights. For those who didn't try their hand at the 'just for fun' casino were spotted tearing up the dance floor.

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