This years Alumni Association Club Leadership Conference was held in the Alumni Center on campus the weekend of September 7th and 8th. Gavin Hargrave led the event.

The conference kicked off on Friday with a lunch at Bramlage Coliseum with K-State’s athletic director John Currie joining us for an update on Wildcat athletics. The main focus was on all of the major projects going on at the sports complex right now. The Basketball Training Facility and West Stadium Center, but he also shared with us news about construction of a new tennis facility on the east side of Rec Complex.

Basketball Practice Facility Tour
After lunch the group toured the new Basketball Training Facility. We weaved our away around the construction crew who is putting the finishing touches on the facility that will house both our women’s and men’s basketball teams.

K-State Licensing
The discussion portion of the conference kicked off with a presentation and Q&A with K-State director of licensing, Tami Breymeyer. Tami discussed with the group some of the do’s and don’t’s of using the K-State logos and trademarks.

She also informed the group that if there are items that you see on the market that you would like to see K-State versions of to let the merchant know. For example, in the discussion Victoria’s Secret PINK collection was noted as having college affliations but K-State is not represented. The best way to get those items available with our school’s colors and logos on them is to ask the retailer to carry them.

Brainstorming Club Ideas
After our tours we reconvened for a general conversation regarding how to improve our clubs. Topics discussed included sharing email updates with one another to learn about what other clubs are doing
and a discussion of c
lub scholarships. One of the main focuses the Alumni Association has is raising money for scholarships. Our clubs awarded nearly $50,000 in scholarships last year.


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