The Fifth Annual Alumni Association Leadership Conference was held in the new Alumni Center on campus over the weekend of September 10th and 11th.

This year the Alumni Club leaders met their new coordinator, Tom Roesler, Associate Director of Alumni Programs. In addition, Amy Button Renz, Alumni Association President and Charlie Claar, Chairman of BOD, Alumni Association also welcomed the club leaders.

Agenda items included a discussion with Steve Logback, Director of Communications and Jeanine Lake, Director of Information Services focused on how to make the Associations web site even more friendly than it is to visitors. Via a series of breakout brainstormint sessions we also discussed how to make our clubs resource centers for our communities.

Volunteers at this years meeting represented the NW Arkansas Alumni Club, Long Beach Spirit Club,CaliforniaCats Alumni Club, Central Florida Spirit Club, Memphis Cats Spirit Club, K-State Texans Alumni Club, Houston Area Alumni Club and The Richmond (Virginia) Spirit Club.

For those who have not visited the University the past year, the biggest changefor me, was the demoltion of Denison Hall. The photograph in the lower right relfects how that part of the campus has changed. My granddaughter joined me for the weekend and visited with Coach Snyder.


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