The Fourth Annual Alumni Association Leadership Conference for club volunteers was held on September 7th and 8th . The conference included two sessions. The first occurred on Friday afternoon for out-of-state volunteers. On Saturday morning, a combined in state / out-of-state session was held.

This year we met in the recently completed 52,000 sf Alumni Center. A wonderful building on the south side of Memorial Stadium. Besides alumni operational offices it will house conference / meeting rooms for rental & free use. A 200-gallon Reef Aquarium w/purple fish & purple starfish will also be a feature! After seeing the Center, President Wefald decided to upgrade Memorial Stadium via steam clean, painting, and adding Big12 flags. Incidentally the soccer, rugby, lacrosse clubs & the band will share the field. The field is available 24hrs a day.

Sue Peterson, who works for the Office of the President, discussed the Tuition Accountability (Legacy) Program.

The Legacy Program would waive, for K-State parents & grandparents, the higher out-of-state tuition to match in-state tuition. This program may begin in 004. In state tuition is now $1,400 and out-of-state tuition is $5,000 per semester. This represents a 25.1% tuition increase this year. Note that the University of Missouri in state per semester tuition is $4,400. K-State’s tuition is 3rd lowest in the Big 12. The student body is make up of 85% Kansans.

Pat Bosco discussed the reasons why both Kansas and non-Kansan students attend K-State.

Why K-State (In-state students)
academic programs

Why K-State (Out-of-state students)
academic programs

Johnson County is represented by freshman enrollments of over 600 going to KSU this fall while KU will welcome 750 new students. K-State has made tremendous inroads into KU's past dominance in attracting Johnson County students.

An update of the University Master Plan was provide by Dick Hayter

He said the University includes over 6,500,000 square feet of space with 600,000 square feet being constructed the past 10 years. Over the next 10 years, 200,000 square feet of new space is needed. Other changes that will be noticed on campus is the closing of Claflin Road to vehicular traffic to help unify the core campus. Jardine Terrace will also be replaced over the next 15 years.

All in all, another very valuable conference.


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